Being an Active Citizen

A comprehensive booklet resources for encouraging active engagement with the government, legal system, and civil society. Over 50 original classroom activities! These resources were created by the Education Society of BC. The learning materials have been matched with BC curriculum, but the majority of the topics and resources are applicable outside of the province.

Grade 7 topics include: Democracy at Home and Local Government, Constitutional Framework: Who Has Authority, Separation of Powers and the Branches of Government, Introduction to Law, Rule of Law and Legal Independence, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Criminal and Civil Law, Alternatives to Courts, Active Citizenship, Mock Jury Selection

Grade 8 Topics include: Levels of Governmen, Role of Local Government, Local Government Elections, Active Citizenship Project, Model Council Meeting Simulation, Democratic Rights under the Charter, Debating the Responsibility to Vote, Courts of BC and Court Procedures, The Vancouver Downtown Community Court, Consumer Law

Grade 9 Topis include: Constitutional Monarchy: Would a Republic be Better?, The Structure and Operation of the Levels of Government, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Fundamental Freedoms, Provincial Court of BC, Alternatives to Court, Family Law, Active Citizenship – Steps to Social Involvement, Public Issues and Civic Action -How to Make Yourself Heard, The Global Citizen

Grade 10 Topics include: Introduction to the C4 Initiative, Connecting with your Local Community, Multiculturalism in Canada and Equality Rights, Citizens, Government and Social Action, Rights and Responsibilities in Government, The Provincial Government of British Columbia, First Nations Governance in BC, The Courts of British Columbia, Labour Law and the Employment Standards Act, Administrative Law in British Columbia

Grade 11 Topics include: The Three Levels of Government, The Branches of Government, How Does a Bill Become a Law?, Political Parties and Ideologies, Federal Elections and the Electoral Process, The Supreme Court of Canada, Criminal Law and Our Criminal Courts, Sentencing, Restorative Justice and Appeals, Our Legal Rights, Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities, International and Environmental Law, Your Civic Footprint

Dated Added:
March 1, 2012
Published By:
Justice Education Society of BC
English Only
Grades 10 - 12, Grades 7 - 9
Social Studies
Charter of Rights, Citizenship and Nationality, Courts, Elections, Federal Government, Human Rights, Provincial/Territory Government, Social Action, Youth Criminal Justice Act