Youth Criminal Justice Act in Action

The Youth Criminal Justice Act in Action package of resources include a video, lesson plans, and a poster. These materials are meant to be used … [Read more...]

Teaching about justice, rights and responsibilities: A teaching resource for Social Studies 10

This teacher resource manual was developed to support Alberta high school teachers in educating their students about the justice system in Alberta and … [Read more...]

Exploring YCJA

This site provides training for navigation through the site as well as guide students through the important aspects of the Youth Criminal Justice … [Read more...]

Being an Active Citizen

A comprehensive booklet resources for encouraging active engagement with the government, legal system, and civil society. Over 50 original classroom … [Read more...]

Youth Criminal Justice Act Handbook

This well organized resource for youth has taken the Youth Criminal Justice Act and written it in plain language so that all can understand the … [Read more...]

Youth Court Alberta

This site provides general information for youth following an arrest. It gives answers to frequently asked questions and offers specific details … [Read more...]

Justice Education Society

The Justice Education Society of British Columbia has updated their website to include support for many curriculum areas. A number of the resources on … [Read more...]

Canadian Legal FAQs

Canadian Legal FAQs answers Frequently Asked Questions about the Law in Canada and Alberta. This website is an excellent research tool for students. … [Read more...]

John Howard Society of Alberta – Teaching Resources

John Howard Society has a large collection of public legal education resources for teachers. Some of the topics covered include: Alcohol Youth … [Read more...]

Law Lessons for Teachers and Students was created by the Justice Education Society of BC to host their resources in one easy to navigate location. This website offers lesson … [Read more...]

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