Being an Active Citizen

A comprehensive booklet resources for encouraging active engagement with the government, legal system, and civil society. Over 50 original classroom … [Read more...]

The Influence of the Party, the Media and Lobby Groups

Students will investigate the influence that the media and lobby groups have on our government’s decision making. Using recent case studies, such as … [Read more...]

Setting the Agenda, A Day in the Life of an MP or a Senator

The website Setting the Agenda gives students the opportunity to spend one typical day with either a Senator or a Member of Parliament. Students have … [Read more...]

Branches of Canada’s Federal System

In this lesson plan the student completes research to find information about the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the Government of … [Read more...]

Parliament of Canada

This resource created by the Parliament of Canada offers detailed background for teachers focusing on a variety of topics that support the Grade 9 … [Read more...]

Parliament of Canada-An Introduction

This site offers a general overview of Canadian parliament. It gives the facts on how laws are passed, the various branches of government and how the … [Read more...]

Awarding Certificates of Merit

This teacher directed lesson begins with students having a clear understanding of the word accountability. A specific scenario has been chosen but a … [Read more...]

Law Lessons for Teachers and Students was created by the Justice Education Society of BC to host their resources in one easy to navigate location. This website offers lesson … [Read more...]