School’s In: Youth and Student Unions: A Governance Model

This lesson is applicable as an extension to students studying governance models in social studies and involves student understanding of governance in … [Read more...]

School’s In: Students, Social Participation, Charities and Law

This inquiry based activity focuses on charities and non-profit organizations. The content specifically addresses outcome S6 in Social Studies 10, 20 … [Read more...]

Being an Active Citizen

A comprehensive booklet resources for encouraging active engagement with the government, legal system, and civil society. Over 50 original classroom … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Fry Society

Background on the Elizabeth Fry Society is available through this link.  You will learn a bit about Elizabeth Fry’s life and her strong belief in … [Read more...]

Taking IT Global

This site houses an online community that connects youth from grades nine to twelve  to find inspiration, access information, get involved, and take … [Read more...]

John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights Educational Resources

All of their educational resources are developed to supplement John Humphrey Centre projects.  The resources are designed for teachers to incorporate … [Read more...]

Law Lessons for Teachers and Students was created by the Justice Education Society of BC to host their resources in one easy to navigate location. This website offers lesson … [Read more...]