Courtroom Etiquette: What To Do In Court (Tips and Information) Video

Pro Bono Law Alberta and the Alberta Branch of the Canadian Bar Association have produced a video explaining what to expect in court. This video … [Read more...]

Aboriginal Sentencing Scenario

Frank, an 18 year old Aboriginal student breaks into a local grocery story and attacks  the owner leaving him with a broken arm and facial scars.  … [Read more...]

Landmark Decisions: Cases that Have Changed Society

This site discusses a variety of landmark decisions from the Law Courts of Canada. They include issues dealing with Aboriginal Rights and the Canadian … [Read more...]

How does the Canadian Court System Work?

This lesson is designed to introduce students in CTS Legal Studies to the Canadian judicial system, how it works, and the various ways in which … [Read more...]

Try Judging

This interactive site offers students the opportunity to view and listen to 5 scenarios where the law has been broken. Students are required to make … [Read more...]

Mock Trials: Supreme Court of Canada

You can set up your own mock trial with some tips from the Supreme Court of Canada.  An introduction focuses on how to set up a mock trial, a scenario … [Read more...]

Canada’s Court System

This resource provides excellent teacher background on the structure of the Canadian court system. It tells about the many kinds of courts there are … [Read more...]

Being an Active Citizen

A comprehensive booklet resources for encouraging active engagement with the government, legal system, and civil society. Over 50 original classroom … [Read more...]

Youth Court Alberta

This site provides general information for youth following an arrest. It gives answers to frequently asked questions and offers specific details … [Read more...]

Justice Education Society

The Justice Education Society of British Columbia has updated their website to include support for many curriculum areas. A number of the resources on … [Read more...]

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