HIV & the Law – When is HIV Status Disclosure Necessary?

In this activity students will learn about the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) decision that HIV carriers with a low viral load, wearing condoms do not have to disclose their HIV status to sex partners. Students will reflect on this ruling and examine the science behind HIV transmission.

This activity is designed for the Biology 30 curriculum but also has connections to Social Studies, Health, and Legal Studies. It has the following learning outcomes:
• To understand what is HIV and under what conditions is it transmitted
• To explain how antiviral medications manage HIV
• To explore social issues related to HIV including stigmatization and criminalization of HIV
positive people

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September 27, 2013
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LawCentral Schools
English Only
Grades 10 - 12
CALM and Health, Science, Social Studies
HIV, Legal History, Public Safety, Supreme Court of Canada

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