HIV & the Law – When is HIV Status Disclosure Necessary?

In this activity students will learn about the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) decision that HIV carriers with a low viral load, wearing condoms do not … [Read more...]

Constitutional Timeline with Terms and Concepts Lesson Plan

Students will create a chronology of the events, key terms, and concepts related to Canada's constitutional history between the late 1960s to … [Read more...]

Resolving Constitutional Issues Lesson Plan

In this webquest students will explore major constitutional issues affecting Canada. Students will choose an issue facing Canada and then draft and … [Read more...]

The Duty to Consult

This resource provides thorough background information on the duty to consult including relevant cases, historical information, consultation … [Read more...]

Sentencing for Aboriginal Clients

"In 1999 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that courts must take into account the unique circumstances of people when sentencing, especially for … [Read more...]

Supreme Court of Canada

The Supreme Court of Canada has created an education kit for those who do not live in or near Ottawa. It contains factual information, a mock trial … [Read more...]

R v. Marshall

Marshall, a First Nation man, was fishing for eels to sell to support his family. After he caught the eels, he was then charged with fishing without a … [Read more...]

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