The Centre for Constitutional Studies

The Centre for Constitutional Studies has a variety of articles that can be used as background information. The content can be used as supplementary … [Read more...]

HIV & the Law – When is HIV Status Disclosure Necessary?

In this activity students will learn about the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) decision that HIV carriers with a low viral load, wearing condoms do not … [Read more...]

Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta

This is a dynamic website created to connect to the Alberta grades four to seven social studies curriculum. The ideas for student activities follow a … [Read more...]

The Kid’s Site of Canadian Development

This interactive website assists teachers and students as they examine Alberta's cultural diversity and is designed to enhance curricular outcomes at … [Read more...]

Law Lessons for Teachers and Students was created by the Justice Education Society of BC to host their resources in one easy to navigate location. This website offers lesson … [Read more...]

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