The Law that Rules (a narrated presentation)

Created by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta, the first part of this narrated powerpoint focused on Canadian law presents information on … [Read more...]

The Centre for Constitutional Studies

The Centre for Constitutional Studies has a variety of articles that can be used as background information. The content can be used as supplementary … [Read more...]

HIV & the Law – When is HIV Status Disclosure Necessary?

In this activity students will learn about the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) decision that HIV carriers with a low viral load, wearing condoms do not … [Read more...]

A Journey Through the Renaissance Quests: Policy

This webpage is helpful in meeting  the grade eight social studies outcomes dealing with the connection of the Renaissance to current law, government … [Read more...]

Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta

This is a dynamic website created to connect to the Alberta grades four to seven social studies curriculum. The ideas for student activities follow a … [Read more...]

The Kid’s Site of Canadian Development

This interactive website assists teachers and students as they examine Alberta's cultural diversity and is designed to enhance curricular outcomes at … [Read more...]

CURRENTS: Exploring Traditional Aboriginal Justice Concepts in Contemporary Canadian Society

This 193 page middle or high school resource examines questions such as how societies make laws, resolve conflicts, and deal with those who do not … [Read more...]

Law Lessons for Teachers and Students was created by the Justice Education Society of BC to host their resources in one easy to navigate location. This website offers lesson … [Read more...]

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