Exploring YCJA

This site provides training for navigation through the site as well as guide students through the important aspects of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. There are 10 modules that give information as well as scenarios that reflect the topics presented. Each module is followed by a quiz that provides instant feedback. There are also excellent discussion ideas specifically related to the Youth Criminal Justice Act. After the students have completed all the modules, there is an exam that if done well, will result in a certificate of completion sent to the individual by the Law Courts Education Society of BC. (Students must register to receive the certificate) The glossary is very comprehensive and explains 150 legal terms. There are also teacher resource materials available for background and lesson plans.

Dated Added:
March 1, 2009
Published By:
Law Courts Education Society of BC
English Only
Grades 10 - 12, Grades 7 - 9
Legal Studies, Social Studies
Youth Criminal Justice Act