Building Communities through Local Government (Student Interactive site)

The Alberta Grade 6 Social Studies program of studies focuses on citizenship, identity and democratic processes of decision-making within our society. Students explore ways to participate in democratic processes, be involved in their communities and develop beliefs, values and attitudes that empower them to effect change. The topic of local government is a natural place for students to investigate how issues, challenges and decisions are dealt with in communities.

The Building Communities Through Local Government resources provide opportunities for students to explore local government in the context of their own and other communities. When people hear the word community, many think of a neighbourhood, town, city or area. A community can be a group of people who have something in common. This can include where they live, a common identity or a sense of belonging. Being part of a community can involve having a common history or common interests. Community members often share purposes or goals.What does community mean to you?   What do you know about municipal government? Find out some ways that municipal governments work by exploring the municipalities on this

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March 5, 2008
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Alberta Municipal Affairs
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