Make a Better City Classroom Program

Make a Better City (MBC) is an integrated project for teaching about citizenship, responsibility and community for Alberta Grade 6 Social Studies, … [Read more...]

That’s Not Fair

"As soon as children can say, “That’s Not Fair!” they are ready to talk about their rights and freedoms." This website features videos, games, and … [Read more...]

Local Government and You: City Hall

This website from the City of Edmonton provides a variety of resources available to help students learn more about how the city works. They include … [Read more...]

Bylaws in Edmonton, Alberta

This site explains the process by which bylaws are made as well as lists all the bylaws that are currently enforced in Edmonton. It also explains the … [Read more...]

Building Communities through Local Government (Student Interactive site)

The Alberta Grade 6 Social Studies program of studies focuses on citizenship, identity and democratic processes of decision-making within our society. … [Read more...]

Alberta Municipal Affairs Teacher FAQs

Created to reflect outcomes of grade six social studies, this 228 page resource enhances the study of local government. The resource includes … [Read more...]

Awarding Certificates of Merit

This teacher directed lesson begins with students having a clear understanding of the word accountability. A specific scenario has been chosen but a … [Read more...]

Municipal Government FAQs

These FAQs are part of the Municipal Government for Students program created for Grade 6 Social Studies students. These FAQs deal with questions about … [Read more...]