Youth Law by CLERC

The Law Topics section of The Children’s Legal & Educational Resource Centre (CLERC), a non-profit organization based in Calgary, provides legal advice, education, and referals to youth. Topics covered include:

  • Adoption
  • Independant Living
  • Guardianship
  • Tenant/Landlord/Lease
  • Working
  • Divorce
  • Age of Consent
  • Tobacco/Alcohol
  • Privacy
  • Teen Pregnancy/Child Support

The Q&A in each of these sections answers some of youths most common questions, providing them with information about their legal rights and responsibilities.

Dated Added:
March 11, 2013
Published By:
Children’s Legal & Educational Resource Centre
English Only
Grades 10 - 12, Grades 4 - 6, Grades 7 - 9
CALM and Health, Legal Studies, Social Studies
Child Support, Divorce, Drugs and Alcohol, Marriage and Common Law Relationships