School’s In: Youth and the Environment: An Inquiry Project

This inquiry based project is designed to guide students in grades 9-12 through an exploration of environmental issues, the law, and their relation to youth. It is applicable to Social Studies, Science, or CTS: Legal Studies curriculum. Over the course of 2-3 classes, students will learn about current environmental issues and law, identify an area of interest to them, perform inquiry based research, and then present their findings and possible solutions to their classmates.

The central questions ask: How do the laws involving the environment affect you as a student? Can you suggest new ideas or revised laws that would positively impact youth and the environment

Note: This resource was originally published in Dec. 2007, and was then revised and updated in June 2010.

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January 1, 2013
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LawCentral Schools
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Grades 10 - 12, Grades 7 - 9
Science, Social Studies
Climate Change, School's In


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