Teaching about justice, rights and responsibilities: A teaching resource for Social Studies 10

This teacher resource manual was developed to support Alberta high school teachers in educating their students about the justice system in Alberta and Canada. It addresses five areas of law within the Canadian judicial system: constitutional, aboriginal, criminal, civil and family, and youth.

The resource is a valuable, Alberta-focused supplement to the current Grade 10 Social Studies curriculum and provides lesson plans and other material in an easy-to-use format for teachers.

The resource manual contains the following chapters:

  • Introduction to the justice system
  • Constitutional justice and the Charter
  • Aboriginal justice
  • Criminal Justice
  • Civil and Family Justice
  • Youth Justice
Dated Added:
March 1, 2002
Published By:
Alberta Justice
English Only
Grades 10 - 12
Legal Studies, Social Studies
Aboriginal People - Claims and Treaties, Charter of Rights, Youth Criminal Justice Act


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