Seat Belt Legislation and Inertia

In this activity students will learn about Newton’s First Law of Motion. They will be given the task of applying their knowledge to create an ad campaign encouraging Albertans to wear seatbelts. The lesson will look at how science can be used to influence our laws.

Curriculum Connections
This activity was designed for Science 20 or Physics 20 in Alberta and has the following learning outcomes:
• To apply Newton’s first law of motion
• To reflect on the role of science and technology in society
• To develop skills in science (nature of science) and information and communicationtechnology (ICT)

A YouTube video accompanies this lesson. It can be found here:

Dated Added:
January 1, 2013
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LawCentral Schools
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Grades 10 - 12, Grades 7 - 9
Public Safety, Video

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