Pillars of Freedom

Pillars of Freedom is an online game and cartoon television show for children. Set in Caveworld, a land that once enjoyed great freedoms but these freedoms have withered away because they were neglected, two curious dragons named Spirit and Imm must find the Pillars of Freedom to restore freedom to their country. Pillars of Freedom is designed to connect students with the ideas behind Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms in a fun way.

This website features 10 cartoon episodes, each focusing on a different freedom which the inhabitants of Caveworld have lost and which Spirit and Imm want to restore. Students are asked at the end of each episode to decide what the characters should do to get to the Pillars of Freedom. The website also features a quest game and several arcade style games.

A useful article with more information about this resource can be found here: Civics Education and the Pillars of Freedom

Dated Added:
February 1, 2010
Published By:
TVO Kids
English Only
Grades 1 - 3, Grades 4 - 6
Social Studies
Charter of Rights


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